omfg i didnt see this yesterday!! im late. im gomen

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first time i unfollowed anyone today.. they reblogged a lot of jean kirstein. please have better taste, we all know major zoe is where its at

this is the best post ive seen all day


"you’ve changed." "I know, I’m a transformer." 


"Learn to take a joke"

Yeah learn to make one

OMG WHAT WA S EVEN THIS EPISODE/. it hit way too close to home to be comfortable so i wrote this long thing about it and im just gonna casually bring back the most cringe inducing moment of humanity and make everyone suffer with me

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Source: 【宗凛+百漫画】と【通販のお知らせ】by サアヤ
Translation: aitaikimochi
Notes: this is so cute and hilarious. be sure to give the artist stars if you enjoyed this! permission was granted for this comic only ^^

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Let it flow out


Instead of implenenting ridiculous dress code for girls how about we teach boys to stop sexualizing everything
If you get turned on by a girl showing her shoulders you need to go evaluate your life

hello^^ 很高兴找到跟我一样从中国到加那大的移民!i am big fan of your drawings. do you use paint tool sai?

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你好, 我也很高兴认识你!!(对不起中文不太熟悉。。);—; thank you very much and yes i do,some retouches done in photoshop. also can i thank u for reblogging my selfie? ill thank u for reblogging my selfie its the first time anyone reblogged my selfie bless

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10 things about not being native English speaker in English speaking fandom.


  1. Following someone for ages before you figure out, you’re both from the same country.
  2. The never ending battle of “which language do I comment in?”, when you comment on the fanwork of someone you generally speak with in your language.
  3. Exchanging messages with a fan from your country and in the middle of discussion suddenly wondering, why you’re still speaking in English.
  4. Struggling through conversation in your native language about your fandom, which you mostly enjoy in English.
  5. Realizing you don’t have words in your language for dozens of things from your fandom.
  6. Getting distracted from the conversation by trying to find/create those words.
  7. Spoiler: They all sound terrible and/or hilarious.
  8. Apologizing for the grammar in your comment with the everlasting excuse “it’s not my native language” and hearing the same in reply.
  9. Thinking “omg, even I can see the mistakes in this fic”.
  10. Pretending it’s not weird that you can’t remember vocabulary you were supposed to learn for your English test, but are a master at difficult words related to some specific subject you were researching for a fic or just reading about in a fic.